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A team of 50 lace up their running shoes and take part in the Hull 10K for WISHH!

A team of 50 people working across Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham laced up their running shoes and took part in the Hull 10K on Sunday 18th June.

22nd June 2017

The team included experienced runners, right through to those taking part in their first ever event of this kind. The team work across many different hospital departments; from theatres and radiography to ophthalmics, blood sciences and beyond, but all had the same goal: to help enable the ability to offer outstanding care to local people, 365 days per year.

Historically hospitals have always relied on public support, even after the founding of the NHS; Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is no different. The WISHH charity aims to raise money to help both Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital do more to ensure every patient receives the best and most modern care possible. 

The team comprised of: Jane Allen; Jennifer Beech; Kerry Blount; Lee Bond; Andrew Botham; Tracy Braithwaite; Cerys Brennan; Jessica Brown; Laura Buckby; Matthew Burnett; Paul Catlow; Emily Dorrington; George Franck€; Sally Gilbert; Damian Haire; Joshua Hall; Shane Hammond; Dan Harman; Lisa Hartley; Rachel Hunter; Martin Jarvis; Jo Johnson; Paul Johnson; Matthew Kay; Lydia Makey; Alexander Oboh; Kevin Phillips; Lydia Phillips; Piers Phillips; Mike Potter; Carla Ramsay; Suzy Rawling; Maxine Read; Laura Roberts; Sue Salis; Gabriella Shanks; Lewis Shires; Amy Sison; Tom Szczerbicki; Rebecca Thompson; Richard Thomson; Colin Vize; Leanne Warters; Hayley Watson;  Michelle Wattam; Katy Waudby; Frank White; Eric Whitehurst; Kerry Williamson; Lucy Yearham.

Your support will help provide additional specialist equipment and support services, as well as aid the transformation of spaces and facilities within the hospitals for patient and visitor comfort alike. 

We are all very grateful for your support and your donations, which will really make a difference. Thank you!