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Kathy Boothman: Jaimie inspired me to give something back

When people met Jaimie Kerr, they wouldn’t guess she was seriously ill.

But Jaimie, who ran a horse racing yard with her partner, had lived with a kidney condition since childhood. After she passed away in October 2015, her close friend Kathy Boothman decided to take on her own personal challenge to raise money for the hospital that had cared for Jaimie.

1st November 2016

Kathy took up running for the first time and ran the Yorkshire Marathon in October 2016.

“Jaimie’s strength and determination inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and give something back,” said Kathy, who worked at the racing yard Jaimie ran with her partner Tony Coyle.

“Some days she was poorly, some days she was okay, but she just got on with it and worked hard. A lot of people didn’t know Jaimie was ill. She was hard as nails, an inspiration.”

Kathy wanted to raise funds for the intensive care unit at Castle Hill Hospital, where Jaimie had received treatment during her illness.

“WISHH makes it easy for fundraisers,” said Kathy. “There’s one point of contact and one place to collect the money. If you want to help a specific ward or buy a particular piece of equipment, they make it simple to do that.”

Kathy, who volunteers as a Community First Responder, is now also training to be an ambulance driver – a lifelong ambition she feels spurred on to pursue thanks to Jaimie’s positivity.

“I realised the hard way that life is too short. I had to get on and do it.”

For more about Kathy’s story or to support visit our Just Giving page.