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Support Dementia Awareness

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust raises awarenes of Dementia. 

30th January 2019

Dementia is set to be the 21st century’s biggest killer, but together, we can raise awareness, offer help and understanding, and urgently find a cure.

At WISHH, supporting those with dementia is a real focus of our efforts. Our Dementia Appeal was one of our first fundraising projects, aimed to improve facilities for people in hospital suffering with this cruel condition.

The number of people being diagnosed with dementia in the UK is constantly growing – and currently stands at 850,000. By 2025, it’s estimated there will be a million people living with the condition.

David Haire, one of the Trustees for WISHH, says that, although going into hospital can be a very frightening and disorienting time for people with dementia, plenty can be done to make their stay easier to manage.

He explains: “Making the environment as calm as possible and improving patients’ surroundings can make a big difference to their comfort. That is why the WISHH Charity are keen to make a difference to these areas.”

Some improvements have already been made to wards 8 and 80 (which look after dementia patients) at the Hull Royal Infirmary but more can be done. We are encouraging people to make a donation to WISHH.

All the money donated to our Dementia Appeal will be used to support a range of improvements within ward environments, building upon the creation of cinema style reminiscence areas, local artwork to stimulate memory and provide familiarity, and other environmental improvements such as décor and the provision of mood-lighting.

We hope that through further fundraising we can continue to create a dementia friendly environment in other wards in our hospitals.

To make a donation to our Dementia Appeal, visit