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Scrubs Marvellous Scrubs

The official charity of Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, WISHH will be receiving a donation of 500 sets of scrubs made by South East Holderness Community Scrub Group, SOS4NHS, to support frontline staff across Hull Hospitals.

7th May 2020

The SOS4NHS project (Sew-Our-Scrubs, 4 NHS) came together on the 13th of April, after a conversation between Tracey Holt-Jenkinson, mum of an Intensive Care nurse at Hull Royal Infirmary, and Ward Councillor Dave Tucker.  South East Holderness Ward Councillors of East Riding County Council all rose to the challenge and put a call out for members of the local and wider community to help sew scrubs for our local hospital. The project quickly grew as word spread amongst the community of South East Holderness and wider community.  The group now has 84 ‘sewing heroes’ who have been busy producing scrubs over the last 3 weeks.

The project team consists of local South East Holderness residents and East Riding Ward Councillors, many of the ladies who have come forward are former NHS staff and indeed Councillor Dave Tucker has only recently retired from Hull University Teaching Hospitals after many years’ service as a nurse.

Councillor Sue Steel said “We have faced many challenges regarding the project ranging from funding to acquiring the material and the distribution, manufacture and collection. Local resident Carolyn Hunter set up a Just Giving Page for the group, and in a matter of days the project had raised just over £6,000, enough to purchase, material and cotton for the project. Councillor Lyn Healing organised the delivery and collection of the material and scrubs, throughout South East Holderness and the wider East Riding Community. Councillor Paul Whitehead put a call out to motorcyclists and within hours we had material heading off to our ‘sewing heroes’ providing these vital items for Hull Hospital nursing staff. Councillor Gary McMaster donated his factory and even went as far as donating a van, and  all of this help has been pivotal for the project to succeed.”

Councillor Dave Tucker said, “On behalf of all Ward Councillors involved, we are incredibly proud of what has been achieved by our community, in such a short time. The project has exceeded all expectations and demonstrated what can be achieved when communities work together in these unprecedented times and goes to show that “together we are stronger”.


Lee Bond, Director of Business Delivery of Hull Hospitals and WISHH Charity Trustee said, “I would like to sincerely thank South East Holderness Scrubs group who have worked tirelessly to make this kind donation a reality.  These scrubs will be used by our medical and nursing staff across wards and departments at Hull Hospitals.  This donation of scrubs will boost staff morale as each pair donated has been lovingly made by members of our community.

“We are all in this together and it’s a collective effort in us tacking the virus and supporting the Trust’s staff. We are incredibly grateful for the support our WISHH Charity and our hospitals have received.  Thank you.”

If you would like to find out more about WISHH Charity COVID-19 campaign to support Hull Hospitals, visit our campaign page. If you’d like to donate towards to cost of providing future scrubs mark your donation ‘SCRUBS’ .  Contact Lisa Whitton of WISHH on 07827 881766 or email